My choice as a cybersecurity specialist as a woman ❤

What does “STEM” mean?

Why is the role you chose an important one in STEM fields?

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Science Foundation show how STEM degrees do and do not match up with the number of annual job openings

What makes this role similar to others?

People who earn degrees in physical science go on to work in many different fields, some related to their field of study and some not at all.

What specific programming languages and tools could one expect to work with in this position?

What is an example of a problem or a challenge someone in this role could solve or be asked to work on?

What are some positives and negatives about this position?

  1. Personally, if you are not working for a big companies, You will have less specialization options.
  2. I think this is a common negative in the professionals is that you need to be really good as a software developer, that’s means, that you need to love study and be a fast learner. But actually, you can see this negative like a challenge too ;)




Software engineer in progress

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Katherine Soto

Katherine Soto

Software engineer in progress

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