Inventory Model

Purpose of the project:


  • Smith Flores: Backend: basemodel & BD relational, Frontend: front-office
  • Diana Carhuamanta: Web design, web static, frontend: backoffice
  • Katherine Soto: Project management, backend: Apis REST, cybersecurity: authorization & authentication with JWT

Describe who your project was created for

Explain what your personal focus was

why I chose to work on this project?

Result of the project:

  • Admin
  • Analista TI
  • Gestor
  • Colaborador

Personal most difficult challenge in the project:

  • Learn about how to implement JWT in the authorization and authentication using python flask. The solution was finally with 1 JWT, 7 blueprint, 6 middleware
  • How to implement in the frontend using react

What I learned with this project:

  • How to administrate the time using scrum
  • I like the backend and architecture but at the same time, we need to be fast-adapters, I also participate in the frontend with react
  • I love to use emacs as an editor

Personal information:




Software engineer in progress

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Katherine Soto

Katherine Soto

Software engineer in progress

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